Interior Staging by Nancy Steinman

Nancy, you're the best. Your natural gift of design and style is undeniable. Our friendship and business relationship is to be treasured. I'm anxiously awaiting our next project in the heart of the west Hollywood bird streets! (Oh, yeah...the Palisades remodel is a smashing success!)

Pacific Palisades, CA | Douglas Erenberg

Nancy Steinman is a designer, artist and one-of-a-kind human being . Recently I had the opportunity of working with her in a very difficult transitional time in my life. Moving from your dream home into another situation is not easy even when the property you buy is in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. After inspection and purchase we embarked on a remodel only to discover that there was mold under the floor and in the walls and basically the entire place had to be brought down to the studs.

Nancy kept me focused on how beautiful it would be when were finished. At the time I was incredibly busy. I needed to have all new floors, lighting, appliances, and furniture to go with my new life. Nancy took me shopping, showed me catalogs, flooring, and spent every possible free moment she had helping me make decisions. She got me the very best my budget could buy and the result is magnificent and a true showpiece.

Nancy is a warm and kind human being and very fun to work with. She is driven and will fight for what she believes to be the best thing for you. Most of all, she really cares about her work and takes great pride in its perfection. I highly recommend her and and hope to work with her again.

Santa Monica, CA | James Keach

I've never felt compelled to write a review/testimonial for ANYONE…EVER…. until now.  Nancy is truly the MOST talented, creative, efficient decorator there is… I’ve worked with MANY others throughout the years and although some have been pretty good….I've always felt there was something missing (never felt quite like “home”)..until i came across Nancy Steinman!  She not only has an eye for creating the Most beautiful, comfortable homes (every house I’ve seen “decorated by Nancy” is different in its own way), what she did to our home was beyond anything we ever could’ve imagined our home to look like!

Nancy really took  the time to listen & was able to  incorporate our wants, needs(which were completely different) & somehow managed to incorporate them with her own unbelievable  talents of artistic creativity. She has an eye for decorating like no one I’ve even seen….making our dream home come true….completely stress free~in fact she made the process FUN and exciting for us! After meeting with her and discussing what we envisioned….She took over and got to work immediately.  She has her own crew of contractors, sub-contractors,painters,upholsters & workers who are all neat, clean and completed their jobs according to the schedule. If there were any “glitches” that came up Nancy dedicated herself to preventing us from stressing out and solved the problem immediately! I can’t believe I’m saying this but she made the whole process fun…from start to finish!!!!

She is not Just an interior Designer….Nancy is a  GENIUS! There is no one out there with her talents to create a home quite like she does.  I highly recommend Her.

Brentwood, CA | Wendy Starkman

About 10 years ago, Nancy came to New York to help me finish decorating my apartment in New York, and my house in northern Westchester. Finishing living rooms is something men don’t seem to be able to do, amongst many other things. Along with her visit, Nancy dispatched a truck from Los Angeles to meet us in Westchester. This was five or six days before Thanksgiving. In the truck were about 100 pieces of furniture, planters, and every other possible object. Even though Thanksgiving was approaching, when this truck came, it was like grownup Christmas.

Nancy had already been to my house in Westchester and had done more than just the skeleton in the living room. My house is a pre-Revolutionary War house with big rooms. To make a long story short, I must have bought about 75 of the 100 pieces. All of this was done in 2 days so that when people arrived for Thanksgiving, they were astounded by the transformation. Left to my own devices and schedule, I’d still be looking for a “few pieces”.

Those of us who’ve worked with Nancy know how uniquely talented she is, whether on the East or West Coast, and great fun to work with.

New York, NY | Michael Fuchs

I have had the pleasure of working with Nancy on my home in Hidden Hills. She has exquisite taste and incredible vision. Nancy was so good at listening to my ideas and how I wanted my home to look and then transformed it into exactly what I wanted. She is one of the hardest working people I have ever met.

Hidden Hills CA | Suzanne Cortney

I have worked with Nancy Steinman for over ten years. Nancy is the most talented designer I've ever met! I don't say that lightly. She is a true professional and has never let me down on any design job I've given her. I've seen her transform my house and other properties, for both interior design and staging. I know I can count on her to get the job done, and not just done, but done perfectly as she is the consummate perfectionist.

Nancy has amazing vision. One time she convinced me to paint one of my rooms a dark brown color. Despite my own objections, I gave in. I never regretted that decision, as that room actually made me feel so warm, that it quickly became my favorite. Over the years, I have learned to let Nancy just do her thing, as I have always been happy with the outcome. I have complete trust and confidence in her. Nancy's ability to turn my house from House Ordinary into House Beautiful within 24 hours is truly amazing! She has a real knack for pulling things together; always knowing what goes where and what works with what. Sometimes the most unlikely combinations turn out to be the best. The process is pretty incredible, and Nancy's talents shine through. Her final creations have always exceeded my expectations. I would, and have, used her services over and over. She is the BEST!!!

Beverly Hills, CA | Helene Shapiro

Whether you're designing my interior and exterior with your exquisite style or decorating with me for the holidays, our home is always that much more beautiful and warm with your personal touch. And is constantly evolving, which is so much fun! We cherish you.

Beverly Hills, CA | Kim Delaney

Truly one of the most talented, creative interior designers I have known and had the pleasure to work with on many, many occasions. Nancy consistently delivers with imagination, commitment and care.

Sotheby’s International Realty | Michael Hiatt

Nancy is one of those rare individuals that can walk into a room and immediately see untapped potential. She has an intuitive sense of balance, texture, and color and is able to create a space that is consistent with her client’s mood and aesthetic. Nancy has the ability to listen, feel and interpret the vision of her clients.

Thank You Nancy, we love our Home!

| Tom Bohlinger and Kelly Anderson-Bohlinger

I have had the pleasure of working with Nancy in three of my homes. I know I can count on Nancy from the smallest project to a full remodel. Recently I simply asked Nancy to meet me in the Palisades at a home I was interested in buying. The House was move-in ready. I only wanted to paint and furnish it. Before I knew it, the house was mine. Her vision and enthusiasm opened up new and exciting possabilities. Well...I guess I was wrong and the entire house was redone. French doors were replaced for indoor/outdoor living; low living room and master ceilings were converted to high pitched ceilings with skylights; A master grand entry was created; all bathrooms were remodeled with new tile, stone, fixtures and new custom cabinetry; the entire kitchen and dinning area was transformed, adding windows and removing walls, installing new cabinets, fixtures, tiles, stone and appliances; light wood thin-planked floors were replaced by ebony wide-planked floors; Larger closets were custom made; The exterior facade was changed; the pool was resurfaced and tiled; exterior living areas were created. Nancy's contractor made the whole process smooth. I think the best was splurging on high end sheets, which she insisted I do. I found myself saying" Nancy, you're right again". Together we made a great team and after my long hours at work I am always happy to be home. Love our Home.

Pacific Palisades | James Rothstein

I walk alone through my Home in the evenings and can't believe its mine. It is so beautiful but I could not have done it without Nancy. She is amazing and unbelievably talented. The magic is that Nancy created a casual yet elegant home for not only me but my children as well. Her taste in furniture, accessories, flooring, stone, color, texture, window treatments, rugs, lighting and antiques is wonderful. Nancy also changed the entire exterior landscape...creating a French villa at the beach. Her interior and exterior team are fabulous. Thank you Nancy for touching our lives and for incorporating my grandmother's special pieces that mean so much to me. It's only the beginning of years to come.

Malibu, CA | Laura Lazar

NANCY STEINMAN...TASTE, STYLE, INTEGRITY! I've been working with Nancy since 2010 both professionally and personally. Hands down she is one of the best Designers/Interior decorators that I've ever worked with. Blessed with the gift of envisioning the 'big picture' very quickly, she dives right in giving 100% of all that she does. She and her staff are consummate professionals. Nancy tends to every little detail and goes above and beyond to please her clients. Truly talented, an amazing visionary - everything she touches turns into beauty.

Berkshire Hathaway Los Angeles| Lise Selznick



-by Clients

Pictures may be worth a thousand words but sometimes only a few words can help to paint a picture. Here you will find testimonials from some of Nancy's most valued clients.

Without my clients there would be no picture to paint and no place to turn into someone's home. My clients inspire me to find the right balance in color, texture, space and choice of furnishings, and accessories. They are the ones with a dream that I must help realize. I am very blessed to have you all in my life and honored to have the opportunity to work with you year after year. Now, if any of you can dream up a home in Tuscany, let me know and I will be there!! Thank you for sharing your journey with me. I love you all."